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      Blaine County Sheriff’s Office

      Bravery   |   Commitment   |   Service   |   Oath

    • Specialized Subdivisions of the Sheriff's Office

    • WSU_Banner2.png

      Warrant Service Deputies focus primarily on serving warrants issued by courts within the State of San Andreas. Additionally, WSU personnel specialize in high-risk transports, building raids for warranted searches or arrests within a business or residence, and the apprehension of fugitives. The unit also manages the Canine Apprehension Team (CAT) K-9 Unit of the Sheriff’s Office.

    • Knc6muR.png

      The Criminal Investigations Division conducts criminal investigations within the county alongside other subdivisions and deputies of the Sheriff’s Office along with personnel from other law enforcement agencies in San Andreas. Apart from the investigation of criminal activity that already occurred, preventative operations also fall under the purview of CID. A number subbranches and certifications are available to members of CID, each focusing on a certain aspect of investigation and prevention; major crimes, gangs, auto theft, special reconnaissance, cyber crimes, and so on. 


    • soOX14w.png

      The Wildlife Rangers are the primary enforcement entity of fish, game, and maritime laws within Blaine County. Unique to WLR is the numerous resources at their disposal; marine units, search and rescue helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), and mountain bicycles. The Rangers enforce hunting, fishing, poaching, and natural resource conservation laws.

    • 3IeOLXg.png

      Deputies with the Traffic Enforcement Division specialize in traffic related matters, whether it be law enforcement, traffic control, accident investigation, or something of a related matter. Additional focuses include law enforcement air support within the Blaine County airspace, commercial vehicle enforcement (CVE) on county roadyways, crash investigation and reconstruction, and tow services for disabled vehicles or vehicles collected as evidence following a crime. Traffic Enforcement Coordinator [Vacant}




      “I want to thank the members of the community for putting your faith and trust in the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office. As a lifelong member of this community I take great pride in our County and want to ensure that it remains the pride of San Andreas.” - Sheriff Stephen S. 3C-1


      “We at the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office are dedicated to serving the citizens of Blaine County with integrity and compassion while keeping the trust and confidence of the community.”


      All members of the Blaine County Sheriff’s Department hold our core values close to heart and we infuse these values while serving our community. The four values are:

      ·         Bravery       ·

      We pledge to show mental and moral strength to face danger, fear and difficulty

      ·         Commitment       ·

      We pledge that we will uphold the law and protect the citizens which we serve

      ·         Service       ·

      We pledge to provide help and care to those needing our assistance

      ·         Oath       ·

      –We take a solemn promise to uphold the law of San Andreas no matter the situation

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