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      Civilian Operations

    • What we are:

      Civilian Operations is based off of your ability to put out good quality roleplay scenes. Roleplay in SSDOJRP means creating characters and playing the role of a citizen of San Andreas, whether you are a legal citizen, working for a business or service, a criminal making an illicit living or employed by emergency services. We encourage Roleplay to be continuous, where characters make friends, have relationships and build a story, but that does not prohibit single event Roleplay scenarios. Our world and the characters that live in it is constantly evolving so everything you do affects the world. Considering other player's reactions to your roleplay is crucial. Remember your roleplay not only affects your character’s story, it affects everyone else’s character who is involved.

    • Chain of Command:

      The civilian department is the largest department in SSDOJRP. Every member who joins must complete tier 1 civilian “training” before they are eligible for LEO and EMS training.  However, if your main department isn't civilian, you can apply for civilian reserve. The civilian department has four levels in the chain of command or CoC. Each level has its own roles and responsibilities. They are all here to help civilians with whatever they can. Their roles are as follows.


      Civilian Department Administration: Guides policy and leads the department. 


      Civilian Department Senior Staff: Assistant to Civilian Department Administration, helps enforce rules and regulations.


      Civilian Department Staff: Enforces rules and regulations across all areas and reports to the Civilian Director and Civilian Deputy Director.


      Civilian Department Staff-In-Training: First Point of Contact for the department. SIT advises on regulations in-game and supports players in and out of the server.


      Civilian Members: Not responsible for anything, nor are they a part of the Chain of Command, other than reaching the monthly quota of hours required to be seen as active (7 hours) and put out awesome RP!


      Any contact needed with the chain of command must start at the lowest ranking CoC available (Do not skip directly to a higher level of CoC if a lower level is active).

    • Code of Conduct:

      Civilians must follow all Community rules

      Civilians must follow Chain of Command 

      Civilians must refrain from any type of role play that may be offensive to other members including but not limited to age, sex, sexual orientation, religion, and race. 

      All civilians must create and maintain a character profile / profiles that can be tracked and maintained through the SSDOJ CAD. 

      Civilian unit number format is "Civ-###". 

      These are to be followed at all times due to the nature of our roleplaying.

    • Value of Life:

      It is important to treat your characters as though they would rationally value their own life in deadly situations. Different characters will react and respond to stress differently and each character should be unique. At no point should you do anything that is going to blatantly lead to your death for no reason other than to 'win'.  Whether as a criminal or Emergency Services personnel, it is important to treat the character as a living being rather than a respawning character in a game.


      Situations to consider:

      -Surrounded by police in no cover: drawing a gun would almost certainly result in you being shot and seriously wounded or killed.

      -Accosted by a robber with a gun pointed at your head: GTA mechanics might let you draw and shoot, but would you realistically in real life?

      Life is valuable, it matters. Treat all your characters as though their lives matter. If you risk your life, have a reason, and be realistic.

    • Civilian Department Heads:

      Civilian Director Ethan W.

      Civilian Deputy Director: Vacant 

      Civilian Chief of Staff: Vacant

      Civilian Chief of StaffVacant

      Civilian Secretary of Staff: Travis Y.

    • Civilian Operations Staff Team:

      Civilian Manager

      Civilian Assistant Manager

      Civilian Senior Supervisor

      Civilian Supervisor

      Civilian Assistant Supervisor 

      Civilian Senior Advisor

      Civilian Advisor

    • Civilian Member:

      Master Civilian

      Senior Civilian


      Junior Civilian

      Novice Civilian

      Probationary Civilian

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