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    Los Santos Police Department

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      Mission Statement

      The Police Department’s goal is to protect and maintain Los Santos' high quality of life and prevent crime. The department is responsible for enhancing overall community safety and safeguarding the rights of individuals. The Police Department is organized into specialized units and teams, staffed by both full-time, and volunteer officers to manage calls for service and facilitate problem-solving throughout the community.

      Police Department Command Staff

      Chief of Police - Landen C.

      Assistant Chief of Police - Vacant

      Deputy Chief of Police - Vacant

      Deputy Chief of Police -  Vacant

      Police Commander - Noah L.

      Join the Police Department Today!

      The department is always looking for individuals dedicated to serving and protecting the public of Los Santos. Applications for the Los Santos Police Department are open for the first week of every month.

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    • Specialized Subdivisions of the LSPD

      The Los Santos Police Department has three subdivisions that serve as specialized enforcement divisions and allow the department to respond to any situation that may arise.

      Any LSPD officer may join a subdivision once they reach the appropriate rank required by the subdivision coordinators.



      Traffic Enforcement Unit

      The primary duty of the Traffic Enforcement Unit is to enforce traffic laws in Los Santos to reduce and help manage traffic collisions while keeping the flow of traffic as fluid as possible. T.E.U focuses in areas of high crash rate and areas of high D.U.I drivers. Speed is a key factor in T.E.U as our response times are unmatchable yet safe to the public. Our main focus is to keep the streets fluid for traffic, reduce D.U.I incidents, and respond to priority vehicle chase situations.



      Port Authority

      The goal of the Los Santos Port Authority is to ensure the safety and well being of all who travel as well as ensuring the safe travel of legitimate commodities is not interrupted or put in danger. Through the use of a specialized team of Los Santos Police Department, we protect and serve the citizens of San Andreas, whether it be by Air, Land or Sea. We support the LSPD in multiple ways such as stated below:

      • Vessel Pursuits

      • Public Transportation Security

      • Airport and Port Security

      • Search and Rescue

      • Evidence Recovery



      Criminal Intelligence Division

      The goal of the Criminal Intelligence Division Investigators is the protection of life and property, containment of crime, preservation of the peace, and investigation of criminal activities ultimately leading  to the righteous and just prosecution of offenders. SID Investigators can also join teams including:

      • Patrolling with a canine (Canine)

      • Warrant Executions (Warrant Interdiction Units)

      • Protection and Defense against Assassinations of High Value Targets in escorts (special service unit)

      • Intelligence Gathering through Undercover Investigators and operations (Covert Operations)

      • Apprehending suspects that are involved with Auto Crimes (Auto Theft Units)

      •  Investigators that go further into crimes related to drugs, prostitution, and gun smuggling (Vice Unit)

      • We also continue to teach our members new skills and techniques through our Advanced Training program.



      Rank Structure

      Chief of Police

      The Chief of Police oversees all operations of the police department and has the final say on any and all situations. The Chief commonly meets with all supervisors and receives their input for ways to make the department thrive.  


      Assistant Chief of Police

      The Assistant Chief of Police keeps the Chief of Police informed of all operational activities on a day-to-day basis. The Assistant Chief directs the activities of either the administrative or operational side of the Police Department. They oversee command staff operations and help the Chief along with the other command staff members in making decisions.


      Deputy Chief of Police

      The Deputy Chief of Police is part of the "Team of Chiefs" who make major final decisions and aid each other in making those decisions. At their rank, They have the same duties as commander and help them with any inquiries they may have, but they also can make major decisions on their own. They can freely promote officers that they feel ready.


      Police Commander

      The Police Commander(s) are part of the command staff team. They oversee all department policies, patrols, divisions, supervisors, and procedures. The Commander(s) usually help make large decisions such as sub-division supervisor picks, SOP reviewal, senior staff picks, and other administrative duties. In the event that there are multiple commanders, they would split up duties i.e. sub-divisions, patrol officers, supervisors.

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