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      San Andreas Highway Patrol

      Serve & Protect  |  Equality |  Commitment |  Honor

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      The Bureau of Special Operations is an elite unit within the San Andreas Highway Patrol tasked with interdiction and enforcement of illegal activities and persons, focused on the vast highway networks throughout the state of San Andreas. The SAHP BSO also conducts joint operations with local departments to investigate, apprehend and therefore prevent the movement of illicit items throughout their respective jurisdictions. Our three teams - Investigations, Enforcement and Canine - work in unison to ensure the effectiveness of every operation, from start to finish.

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      The Bureau of Transportation and Enforcement strives to enforce the various traffic laws in order to promote safety across the roadways of San Andreas. This is exercised through sobriety tests, speed enforcement, and vehicle inspections. The Bureau of Transportation and Enforcement also handles commercial vehicle enforcement.

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      The San Andreas Highway Patrol Bureau of Air and Coastal Operations is formed of unique and specialized units that strive to provide assistance to law enforcement agencies and the general public. This assistance can be provided through aerial assets, vessels, and even all-terrain vehicles. With these unique and specialized vehicles, the Bureau of Air and Coastal Operations is granted the ability to conduct aerial surveillance, search and rescue missions, vessel inspections, and much more. All services are conducted in a professional and unbiased manner.

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      The Office of Professional Standards (BPS) is responsible for investigating allegations of misconduct made against SAHP employees. This function is frequently called "Internal Affairs" in most law enforcement agencies. Each year the complaints are reviewed and studied to identify any patterns of misconduct.

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      Commissioner - Oliver B.

      Deputy Commissioner - Vacant 
      Assistant Commissioner - Vacant 
      Chief - Vacant
      Deputy Chief -Vacant

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      Staff Sergeant

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